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  • Softwash Roof Cleaning and Algae Treatments

  • Extreme Clean Provide the following Exterior Cleaning services.

    • Pressure Washing
    • Algae Treatments (see photo above)
    • Gutter Vacuum Service
    • Upvc cleaning Facias, Soffits Etc
    • Moss removal and Softwash roof treatments

    Specialist  Softwash Roof treatments without high pressure and without Bleach. We use a Safe specialist Algae Treatment which will give years of Protection unlike the cheap bleach some others may use. 

    All our roof treatments will give years of protection using the best treatment available and that's a Guarantee.

    Every Roof we clean will Receive a Full Gutter Vacuum and downspout check and we will rinse Facias and Soffits leaving everything looking great.

    Extreme Clean have Also invested in a high powered gutter vaccuum system to clear gutters from the safety of the ground.

    Using our high powered vac and carbon fibre poles we can safely work over conservatories and hard to reach areas where ladders cannot reach.

    If your gutters are overflowing and in need of a clear then Call Extreme Clean Today.

    Keeping your Gutters Clear will help protect your property from damp issues as the water will run away as normal but if full water will overflow into the cavities causing damp issues which will cost you more in the long run.


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