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  • Dry Fusion, Carpet Cleaners Preston, Blackpool and Fylde.

  • Dry fusion carpet cleaners Preston

    Welcome to Extreme Clean, carpet cleaners Preston, Blackpool, Leyland, Chorley, Garstang, Kirkham and all Fylde coast and beyond.

    Here at Extreme clean we offer you the customer a Dry Fusion carpet cleaning service.

    Dry fusion is the Only carpet cleaning system in the world that will Clean, Deodorise, Stain Block and Heat dry your carpet all in the same process leaving your carpet's fully Dry in 30 Minutes GUARANTEED!!!

    Dry Fusion is ideal For

    Hotel's, Nursing Homes, Office's and and all commercial premises where Drying time is an important factor.

    All Dry Fusion cleaning solutions are woolsafe approved and PH neutral with a selection of different types for the job in hand.

    Re-act is the all rounder and used as the main cleaning solution.

    Bactoshield contain's an Antimicrobial which is great for Nursing Homes, Surgerie's and place's where germs are a factor.

    Pure Fusion is aimed at commercial offices where perfumes can be a factor it also contains an anti-static.

    Environmental Concerns

    Dry Fusion uses 95% less water than the normal system of cleaning, produces no waste product, uses non hazardous and biodegradable cleaning solutions and all packaging and materials within the Dry Fusion can be recycled. A true green product to protect and preserve the environment.

    To book a Free Demonstration of the Dry fusion system and advice on how we can help you maintain a clean and healthy carpet then please call us and we will be happy to help.

                                                    EXTREME CLEAN, CARPET'S TO DRY FOR!!!!!

    View the video below of the Dry fusion system operating in a commercial setting as you can see the machine is whisper quiet causing minimal disruption meaning Extreme clean carpet cleaners Preston can clean and dry your carpet's while you carry on your everyday tasks.

  • Dry fusion, carpet cleaners Preston.